Congo Watermelon 10 seeds


This watermelon variety has one of the highest sugar contents of any watermelon! Congo produces large cylindrical fruit with blunt ends ranging in weight from 30 to 50 lbs. The rind is medium green in color with dark-green stripes and thick and tough, making this a good keeper. The high quality flesh is firm, medium red and sweet with sugar tests up to 9.5%.

As the name of this melon suggests, watermelons originated in Africa, specifically Egypt. In these desert regions, wild watermelons provided a source of water if no other water was available. Archaeologists have found watermelon seeds everywhere from King Tut's tomb to the holds of slave ships to the ruins of ancient China, proving this melon's enduring popularity. Congo watermelons have a very high sugar content and unsurpassed taste, winning the prestigious AAS Award in 1950.

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