Dutch heirloom carrot AMSTERDAM FORCING 1gm seeds


  • HERITAGE heirloom DUTCH AMSTERDAM FORCING carrot seeds
  • 500 seeds per packet
  • Delivered from our French organic Farm
  • Non treated Non GMO seed Daucus Carota
  • Beautiful Packaging and growing instructions

Early Dutch variety with great flavour and high quality roots! This carrot matures in 75-77 days. Uniform, dark-orange, slightly tapered roots average 8-9” long with tender, crisp, coreless flesh. Strong 13-20” tops. Recommended for deep loose soil. A favourite on our farmers market stall in France . Tender carrots which have bright orange flesh. Very sweet crunchy flesh which are delicious raw as snacks or salads . Easy to grow outdoors, excellent flavour, These carrots are a wow and will amaze your gardening and gourmet chef friends with their shape, colour and taste. Popular with children and our customers favourite in our farm shop, (we grow this variety 12 months of the year with protected cropping)great for appetizer nibbles and dipping and of course steamed veg .

Our Price: 2.49 €