Heirloom Brussels sprouts BEDFORD DARKMAR 100 seeds


  • 100 seeds per packet
  • Registered French seed merchant and grower
  • Delivered from our French organic Farm
  • Non treated Non GMO seed Brassica oleracea
  • Beautiful Packaging and growing instructions

This is an old favourite of ours. A rare English heirloom variety that is almost extinct, there are just a few kilos of seed produced worldwide each year.

That's a shame - it is an excellent variety, ideal particularly for more exposed positions, as it has very tight sprouts on shorter, compact, sturdy plants - They are only 2ft tall (compared to 2ft6 for a normal varietey) You get just as many sprouts, they're just squeezed in more closely together on the stem.

So, it is a good choice if you have problems with the wind blowing your sprouts over. Stands well through the winter.

This is a must for any keen gourmet gardener. This packet contains enough seed to produce enough for the whole family , so keep picking regularly from the bottom up.

These seeds will be packaged in clear sealed bags, fully labels with all EU seed requirements, photo, quantity of seed, packaged date etc. These will then be enclosed in our "BRASSICA COLLECTION" pictorial envelope together with growing tips and hints and suggestions for successful germination. All the seed we supply is professional quality seed which has been fully tested for germination and we grow every single variety ourselves on our 50 acre certified organic farm to test viability, taste, special growing requirements and of course customer popularity.

packet Contains 100 seeds

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