Heirloom Brussels sprouts EARLY HALF TALL 100 seeds


A wonderful winter vegetable, old English heirloom variety. Excellent for windy or exposed gardens, this is a compact plant, very early, quick-growing and prolific, producing from top to bottom of the stalk large, medium-green sprouts of very high quality

Brussel Sprouts "Early Half Tall" is a real old favourite renowned for its generous crops which are ready particularly early in the season, giving you harvests over a long period, from September till Christmas. Or the perfect variety if you want to sow later in the season for a late winter crop, particularly where summers are hot.

Growing to about 75cm  in height, it makes them a good choice smaller gardens where space is limited. It grows vigorously to produce a bumper harvest of densely-packed stems of fat, firm and delicious sprouts. 

Packet Contains 100 seeds

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