Heirloom CABBAGE GOLDEN ACRE 100 seeds


  • Heritage heirloom EARLY BALL HEAD CABBAGE GOLDEN ACRE SEEDS Brassica collestion
  • 100 seeds per packet
  • Delivered from our French organic Farm
  • Non treated Non GMO seed Brassica oleracea
  • Beautiful Packaging and growing instructions

A wonderful eye catching vegetable, old heirloom variety.

A ball headed cabbage which resists splitting and had dark green crunchy sweet outer leaves and golden yellow hearts . Very easy to grow so one to plant in small quantities at intervals for an extended crop , truly versatile. Eat fresh grated  in coleslaw salad, perfect for stir fries. It is extremely winter hardy and the harvest window stretches from October right through until March from a spring planting.

Packet Contains 100 seeds

Our Price: 2.49 €