• Heritage heirloom Italian TOSCA ONION SEEDS Allium ampeloprasum
    • 100 seeds per packet TORPEDO SHAPED LONG THIN ONION
    • Delivered from our French organic Farm
    • Non treated Non GMO seed
    • Beautiful Packaging and growing instructions


    A wonderful addition to your vegetable patch, and one of our favourite ITALIAN heirloom onions. In our view, one of the best onion varieties. Simple to grow, Very productive harvest August to October. ; A short day variety with good yields of very sweet onions. The torpedo shaped bulbs are straw coloured with white flesh. Excellent fresh or cooked. Tosca onions are medium to large in size, averaging 12-17 centimeters in length and five centimeters in diameter, and are elongated, bulbous, and torpedo-shaped. The long bulbs are encased in a thin, shiny, parchment-like skin that is golden brown, dry, smooth, and brittle. Underneath the skin, the flesh is white, juicy, firm, and crisp with many layers of uniform rings. Tosca onions are crunchy and tender with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor, reminiscent of a white onion blended with a shallot.,

    Each packet contains enough seed to produce enough onions for the whole family and to enter local gardening competiotions.

    Our Price: 2.49€