JandL Special basil mix 1gm 700 seeds


Aromatic basil, the King of the herb garden. Famous for making Italian pesto and flavoring vegetables and fish. The perfect herb for any tomato based dish. Some varieties are equally at home in the flower border and can be used as cut flowers.

This special J&L mixed selection of 10 different varieties produces a gorgeous ornamental plant display either for the flower or herb garden. Varieties include large leaved Italian basil in green and purple, Cinnamon, clove & aniseed basils. Thai fragrant basils, Tangy lemon and lime citrus basils, Spicy basils and tiny leaf bush basil. The colours and perfume will amaze your gardening friends and this makes the perfect gift for any keen gardener.

This is a collection of mixed seeds all in one packet and individual varieties will not be labeled.

Great sprinkled in fresh tomato salad dishes and spicy tomato sauce, perfect garnish for pizzas, WOW !!

Our Price: 4.99€