Noir des Carmes Melon 10 seeds


Favourite French heirloom cantaloup melon Noir des Carmes.

A beautiful and rare heirloom from France, and the famous "Black Rock" melon preserved by the Carmelite monks. It was mentioned by Mawe & Abercrombie in 1787. Nearly black in color, the fruit turns orange as it ripens. They are deeply ribbed and have smooth skin. The flesh is orange in color, thick, flavorful and perfumed. Excellent and unusual. The fruit weigh about 3-6 lbs. each.  

Your seeds will be carefully packaged in glycine envelope with label which includes all legal EU labelling requirements. This will then be in our reproduction French vintage seed packet, for a wonderful gift.   Also included sowing tips and growing hints.

Our Price: 2.99€