Persil frisee moss curled frilly leaf Parsley 1gm seeds


Persil frisee dark green frilly leaf parsley

Every vegetable gardener should find a small spot for this kitchen herb, no potager should be without this staple.

ThisFrench frilly leaf variety has dark green leaves which are deeply cut and curled, and have  a rich parsley flavour ideal for cooking or salads. Dark Green moss curled Parsley Seeds are easy to grow, sturdy plants with stiff upright stems. Holds flavour when dried. Use parsley in companion planting as it likes asparagus, carrots, chives, corn, onions, and tomatoes. The leaves can be sprinkled on asparagus to repel asparagus beetles, and around roses, to improve their scent. Let some of your parsley go to bloom to attract hover-flies and predatory wasps. Parsley is a biennial plant that forms a long (edible) tap root so if growing in a container choose deep pots

Packet contains 1 gram approx 400 seeds

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