• USA heirloom BATAVIA Lettuce seeds BLACK SEEDED SIMPSON
  • 100 seeds per packet
  • Delivered from our French organic Farm
  • Non treated Non GMO seed
  • Beautiful Packaging and growing instructions

A wonderful addition to your salad patch, and one of our favourites. In our view, one of the finest batavia lettuce varieties. Simple to grow, this green leaved with paler green heart variety is normally sown in spring for an summer harvest but we grow this all through the year

The gorgeous crunchy crispy texture leaves are great tasting and so tender. This packet contains enough seed to produce enough lettuce for the whole family , so sow small quantities regularly for an all year round supply.

This heirloom lettuce variety is popular with many home vegetable gardeners! Black Seeded Simpson quickly produces an abundance of light-green lightly crumpled juicy leaves. The large upright plants are widely adapted and tolerant to heat, drought and frost. Approximately 50 days to maturity. Average water needs. Water regularly, but do not over water.


Our Price: £ 2.49